Translucent Onyx Slabs

This luxurious quality of Onyx Slabs allows it to be easily backlit & backlighting the stone with even light distribution can greatly enhance the color and movement within an Onyx Slabs stone Colorful

ONYX naturally has a magnificent range of colors and patterns & they are most commonly found in cream, gold, red and green tones.

Light Weight: Onyx Slabs are lighter-weight material in comparison to marble or granite slabs and can easily be installed in creative applications.

pink onyx slabs natural stones marble

Onyx Slabs are calcareous stones formed by dissolving limestone and redeposited as a new kind of stone. It is a soft and brittle stone that should be carefully evaluated for its intended use. Like granite and marble, you should seal onyx. Onyx is a semiprecious translucent natural stone. A common way of enhancing the beauty of the Onyx stone is by bathing it with light or back lights. By adding these lights, the Onyx countertop will have an even greater appeal. Onyx colors can range from white to a deep green.